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We operate in judicial cases through all instances, focusing on an effective solution by a lawsuit. To achieve this objective, we maintain a daily monitoring of the process and an effective contact with the customer, so we know the best procedural strategy to take.

Our practice in civil litigation has two main streams: the fine civil procedure practice, with an effective solution to disputes by a lawsuit, and its combination with negotiation techniques to achieve the desired result.

We maintain a careful oversight and a close contact with the customer to deliver the best performance. We also monitor and advise our clients in negotiations, planning carefully how to resolve the dispute.

The Civil Law litigation model goes through a change on its approach in recent times. The configuration of the demands brought before the Courts today needs to consider the practical effectiveness of judicial decisions, and their usefulness for the one participating in a dispute. We also resort to consensual mechanisms that can help on achieving the client's interests at a lower cost and in less time.


We provide information about banking law alongside with the consulting and litigation procedures, advising the client about the appropriate conducts to the specific case.

Our practices in Banking Law involve both legal advice and dispute resolution.

In the advisory area, we provide legal advice to the client on contractual and guarantee models, information about its benefits and risks, as well as orientation in negotiating debts or restructuring contracts.

In the dispute resolution area, we discuss issues related to banking contracts (clauses, values and guarantees), both bringing lawsuits in court and defending clients in the unexpected occasion of an unlawful charge or execution.


Our work comprises both principal and incidental demands of the reorganization processes.

Our Law firm operates in the reorganization of companies, both in the sponsorship of the debtor's interests or in the interests of creditors. To be up to the task we count on the participation of our members, whose studies, research and experience allow an efficient performance throughout the procedure, resulting in the adoption of the appropriate strategy to the case.

 From the point of view of the debtor’s interests and any interested partner or investor, the work undertaken in this area of activity can be summarized as:

a) assistance to reorganization proceedings and incident demands, planning and executing all necessary acts, including appeals and defense in judicial recovery of debts;

b) legal advice on debt negotiation and preparation of the reorganization plan;

c) legal assistance in the implementation of strategies to restructure the company;

d) legal assistance in negotiating with new partners and investors.

From the perspective of the creditor’s interests, we do a careful analysis of judicial recovery processes underway, and a careful monitoring procedure. We also carry out negotiations in order to get the best satisfaction of their credit.


Advisory and preventive consulting activity to companies focusing on models of compliance with best corporate governance practices and attention to the new Brazilian legislation in the area.

The new business reality, focused on the improvement of administrative mechanisms to fight corruption, requires knowledge in the drafting of practicable models of best corporate practices. The issue gained national recognition with the solidification of governance elements in the market and the legislative evolution in the area, brought by the Law n. 12.846 / 13 – The new Law against corruption in companies.

In this scenario, we offer advisory and dispute resolution services (administrative or judicial areas) in compliance practices issues, and provide bases for corporate structuring, as well as preparation and adaptation of corporate structures to such models.


Corporate restructuring, advisory activities to companies and partners, administrative procedures in the Brazilian Securities Commission (CVM), dispute resolution in cases of dissolution and other lawsuits.

We work in consulting and litigation areas: Our corporate advisory services cover the preparation of contracts – as well as the necessary steps to its registration –, planning and corporate restructuring, as well as support for the procedures of the Securities Commission (CVM) to companies, their partners and managers.

In the field of corporate disputes, we act in conflicts between companies in the same group as well as between members of the same company. We also act in administrative proceedings of dispute resolution of the CVM and the Trade Boards.


Direct management of the initial investment procedures in the sector and expertise in litigation (public and private sectors).

The energy, oil and gas sectors are of major importance in the national context and its changes are imposing growing challenges to legal issues.

Our work in the area includes advisory action on contractual area, aid on structuring the business in the sector and litigation activities covering public and private law.

The energy development sectors particularities in negotiating and legal procedures that require an accurate view of the business and its details.


Identification of appropriate procedures for commercial operations in the area and representation in cases involving the mining sector.

The mining sector in Brazil has very specific rules and their efficient operation requires careful consideration: both the owner of the land where the mine is in and the one who researches or explores the mine are subjected to a series of regulations which govern the relations between them and their relation with the Government.

Many are the problems that can appear in these relations, from the research or exploration authorization by the Government, with all the permits needed, to the phase of research or exploration in other people’s land. Thus, dispute prevention provided by a well done consultative activity is very important.

Another important aspect is the environmental regulation of the sector, which involves environmental licensing, the environmental compensation phase and environmental/social problems that can arise from the relations with the Government and with the adjacent communities. In this specific area, dispute prevention is also essential.

When the mining activity is on, another sort of issues emerge from the contracts with different service providers with very specific functions and special equipment suppliers.

Our activities are focused on assisting the entrepreneur in the industry in its various legal developments: investments, environmental issues, regulatory issues, contracts and litigation.


The growing expansion of alternative energy sources places the sector at the center of the investment market interest. With this new scenario, proper advice is of most importance when concluding contracts, partnerships and agreements.

To operate the new forms of sustainable energy demands acting according to the legal procedures required in each sector - wind, photovoltaic, etc. We provide support for activities in each sectors and for dispute resolution on administrative and judicial instances.


Presence in social interest and human development areas.

Under social causes, we understand all situations involving inherent aspects to human dignity and causes of public interest. Lawyers should consider the demands in which the goal is to achieve social justice beyond property-related causes (even if many causes in which the goal is to achieve social justice have some financial reflex though).

That’s why our law firm maintains links with social promotion entities, and counts on the experience of its members, in order to act in causes of social concern that are not adequately met by the mass market.

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